Installing TTiP


TTiP uses Firedrake to solve the underlying equations. To install this, please see the install page in their documentation here. Alternatively, firedrake has a docker image available here, this image contains a build of Ubuntu with firedrakes dependencies pre-installed, and will be much faster than building from scratch.

Firedrake in turn uses the widely used PETSc which will be installed with Firedrake but can take some time.

It is recommended to use the default install for this, which will create a directory called “firedrake” where all the necessary packages can be found. In particular this contains a virtualenv which will be required to run TTiP.

To activate the virtualenv run:

. firedrake/bin/activate

This will mean python can access the firedrake modules.


Once inside the firedrake virtualenv, install any additional packages that are required with (in the root of this repository):

pip install .

To check it works try running:

ttip --help